Psalm 130

Dear Sir,

You know those times when you play and move a little too close to the boundary line and then you fall, not on the other side, but you fall nonetheless, and then for the rest of the day you can’t function properly because you just know something’s wrong? Today is that kind of day sir. You feel like a loser, a condemned loser. But then you also know that grace is ever available so you get the courage to pick your Bible and read the word, then you open Psalm 130 and it goes

“If you…kept a record of sins…who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness; therefore you are feared.”

This was translated from Latin. I was asking what the word “feared” meant. What kind of fear? So I looked it up and the Hebrew translation says

“But with you is forgiveness, that you may be revered.”

Forgiveness, fear…revere.

With you there is

with you IS forgiveness.

           What’s the difference between “there is” and plain “is”? I think I like the translated Hebrew more. The absence of  “there” shows that forgiveness is not just something that is available in Yahweh.

            “with you is forgiveness” the construction of the phrase tells us that forgiveness is not just something that is available or something that is part of Yahweh. But rather forgiveness is Yahweh, much like love is Yahweh. He is the One who introduced what forgiveness really is.  A perfect being, holy..holy..holy, and yet He fore-goes our sins and gives us grace after grace after grace.. He fore-goes again and again and again, and gives again and again and again. For-give-ness.

             But that forgiveness in not without  a price. In fore-going our sins, He placed someone else to take it…His Son…Himself.

             That is why people are drawn to Him. That is why I revere Him. I was separated due to my uncleanliness, but He made/makes the first move and wiped/wipes me clean. That is why I can now/always come before Him. It’s un-imaginable kindness. Forgiveness…there is forgiveness.

photo by aquarellabella

But you already know that, don’t you Sir?



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