my Disney princess syndrome

Dear Sir,

I’m having a Princess syndrome. It’s been following me for days. It started when my cousin in Dubai posted this:

Just watched scene of Sleeping Beauty (yes, I know, Disney girl), and this line came at the end:

“So arm yourself with this enchanted Shield of Virtue, and this mighty Sword of Truth, for these weapons of righteousness will triumph over evil.” – Flora to Prince Philip

It reminded me so much of putting on God’s armor in Ephesians 6:10. It’s so fascinating because even small moments like these give me the urge to look back again and again to my Bible.

            I figured that’s a pretty nice revelation coming from something you’ve seen a million times and then you get to pick something new. So I watched some youtube video, re-watched Disney’s Cinderella and a few episodes of 1995 Cinderella anime. I’ve also been wearing dresses, which is weird. Then yesterday at the supermarket I saw a little girl wearing a tiara. It was cute, I asked my sister if ever she’ll have a daughter would she allow her to wear tiara and tutu in public, she said why not. I thought so too. Nothing wrong with girls being girls. And then I dreamed of Henry Cavill last night. ahihihihi ^_^ he was already Superman and kinda felt like Lois Lane bantering with Clark *kilig* It has nothing to do with me reading Man Of Steel news last night, yup nothing to do with that at all. A few minutes ago I listened to “One Dance” it’s  a deleted song from The Little Mermaid, I swear I was having goosebumps and an idiot smile was on my face. Good thing I’m alone in the house.  And now I’m currently playing Disney love songs.

            Point is I think I’m longing to be a princess. I mean not literally, but I think I’m longing to feel like a princess. You know with a knight or a prince on a white horse pursuing you and making you feel wanted. I know what others might be thinking, that a woman who feels that way is weak, old fashioned, and *wait for it* sexist. Bite me then. I’ve been educated in feminism. I’ve struggled with it a long time. But I also grew up during the 2nd Golden Age of Disney films, the age of Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Meg, Mulan, and Esmeralda. Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora also made huge impacts on me. I do not agree that Disney degraded a woman by wanting to be saved by a prince. In fact to be pursued is one of the deepest longings of a woman. To be fought for, to be recognized, to be set apart, to be seen as beautiful, to feel beautiful – she, I want all that sir. “Am I pretty?” is one of our biggest questions, and it’s not weak, pathetic, or an insecurity. It’s her biggest question, and it needs to be answered. That’s how her heart is designed, the same way that a man longs to fight for and save a woman. Why do think that these themes resonate so much in the human psych? Beloved by all generation? Why? Isn’t it that there is some truth in there?

 ♫And I see me dress in white with two feet that feel so light,it’s as though they’ve never ever touched the floor. One dance, just you and me beneath the moon beside the sea. One dance, and it’s happily ever after…just us two, dream come true, once dance♪♫

            Okay, enough with that, and enough analysis. I’ll leave that to the experts. I read this book called Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery Of A Woman’s Soul and it helped me understand my own weird and pathetic emotions and longings. So, yah, it all boils down to this: a woman needs to feel beautiful, loved, and wanted. But it’s more complicated and multi-faceted than that, and no mere mortal man can answer her questions. She needs a father first to answer her questions. That’s why I think Disney is on to something when most, if not all of their princesses have fathers and their heroes have some form of father issue. Disney heroes who lost their fathers end up a mess, look at Simba. There’s Tarzan who longs for Kurchak’s approval. In Aladdin: King of Thieves, Aladdin strongly conveys to Jasmine his need to find his dad in these words:

You don’t understand, there is so much that you don’t see. Just think if you can what growing up had to be like for me. Your father’s a man who taught you who you are, mine was never there. So how can you say I don’t come out of thin air?

The guy’s incomplete without his dad. But the truth is no earthly father can fully fill the void within the human heart, whether man or woman. Like it or not, reality is only  the heavenly father can fill that void in every human heart. And until that is answered, no human heart is complete sir.



3 thoughts on “my Disney princess syndrome

  1. I lost my dad to atheism and it’s nihilistic ends. I lost a father who could have been one to defend and grow me, one who could have been part of my destiny.
    I asked God, “who shall my be my father then, for I have lost all of me”
    “Your Father I still am and will forever be”
    And I lived life without my father, letting only the heavenly Father guide my paths. Whenever the reigns of fear would hold on me, I would turn to the psalms of men that have gone before me. “Where is my hope? It is in God Almighty, the warrior who saves me.”
    It was a sad path to walk as an “orphan”, but to find the God in the path of orphanhood, brings me the peace. He’s forever there, and forever will love, my loving eternal Father X)

    1. I have. That book was a huge revelation. Wild At Heart too! John Eldridge is one of my fave authors. He has this tiny book called Epic, about the collective unconscious, archetype, & why the story always has a fall-villain-hero-redemption theme. Love it 🙂

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