Spontaneous Vacation…part 3

Saud Beach photo by romantic places 

            We reached Saud Beach in Pagudpud late in the afternoon. Made use of the time to enjoy the sea and sunset. Standing there quite literally at the edge of the Philippines, giant windmills a blur at the distance, the majestic waves, the wind on my face, the sunset on the horizon, mini pools between sculptures of rocks chiseled by waves and time – it was beyond beautiful sir. Standing there alone, it was more than enough to take in. At that moment all I can do was worship. I started speaking in tongues, then some random hymns, and then a string of ‘thank-Yous.’ Suddenly a gentle breeze on my left shoulder caught my attention, after a beat I turned back to the sun…and then I heard a gentle whisper “All for you child, it’s all for you.”

…That did it. I couldn’t speak. My hand on my chest because heart wanted to explode. I couldn’t see straight with all the tears. All of it was a personal gift and I felt so loved, so loved…hopefully I was able to etch the memory in my head.

photo by bord

Day 8 – Friday, Nov. 2

Off to Laoag city, but not before visiting Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Burgos. Finally get to cross out ‘lighthouse’ on my bucket list, yeay! 😀

photo by romantic places 

photos by frankie

            Kuya Manuel asked me twice before this if I was having I great time. I said I was. But I never comprehended the fullness of fun until we climbed down the lighthouse. So I thanked himl and he smiled genuinely it was almost sheepish. I hope my gratitude really came across. It was really really fun. This trip was going down as legendary, and it wasn’t even done yet. We still had 2 days in Laoag.

Day 9 – Saturday, Nov. 3

          We attended a spiritual gifts class led by kuya Manel and kuya Daniel. That was an eye opener. No words. It only fueled my desire for a prophetic gift. It was also humbling especially when you see other people worshiping the same God. It felt like we’re on the mission field. And then there’s the Father Heart of God. I can’t talk about that right now sir, it will require a whole series of letters.

             That evening we amused ourselves by watching Suddenly It’s Magic starring Erich Gonzales and Mario Maurer. It was typical main stream Star Cinema film. Meaning the plot was recycled and formulaic. Half of the time I was cringing, the other half I was shaking my head and rolling my eyes. It had no redeeming quality except for Ilocos Norte and Mario Maurer’s close-ups (and lady’s reaction of course). Best part of the movie was after the movie – when we decided to visit Paoay Church (one of the film’s location) in the middle of the night. The drive was so hilarious it hurt. All the girls were high with Mario Maurer it actually made sitting through the whole film worth it.

Suddenly It’s Magic wiki

            The church didn’t look like how we’d expect. It was dark and creepy. There were no lights and the cafe across (which received plenty of screen time) was being renovated. Good thing it was cloudless, the moon was almost full and stars are out, like diamonds. We walked halfway to the church trying retrace Mario’s footsteps on the cobble stones – it was a pathetic fan-girl moment, but, whatever, who cares.

cupcake girls in front of Paoay Church

Day 10 – Sunday, Nov. 4

            We re-visited the church that morning. It looked so different on daylight. Breathtaking was an understatement. The wide lawn, the baroque architecture, it felt like a different time sir.

from wiki

photos by Kuh-kuh Dave

            Church was in order and then prophetic presbytery by the team. I was constantly, and I mean constantly amazed by the Holy Spirit and the power of prophecy. At the same time you feel your heart being broken again and again by the brokenness of people, and then their tears when they realize that God was there, God knows them, God loves them, and God has a plan. Watching them, I had to block most of my emotions so I wouldn’t end up a pool of tears.

Day 11 – Monday, Nov. 5

            Homeward bound, that’s roughly 8-10 hours. We left the hotel before lunch, by mid-afternoon something blew up right side of our van. One of the tires got caught on something and exploded. Good thing we weren’t that fast. Our driver was able to stop just before a bridge and a few meters away from a car repair shop, no one was hurt – that was grace right there. I figured He stopped us a few hours so we get to witness this during sunset:

Anduin again! photo by bord

             This trip has God’s print all over it.  The work of His hands was there all over the place: in the mountains, the trees, the fields, the food (I forgot to mention, there was not a single failure dish in this trip sir, every dish was just ahhhhhh! especially the native ones), the views, the unfolding of things, the people…His people. Blessed does not even cover it. It was much too much. The next time there’s a random invitation, I’ll be more than happy to tag along.

I hope you enjoyed this sir, I know I did.



There’s a Palawan trip just around the corner. I’ve been there many times before, but I’m excited to experience it with a fresh perspective. I’m hoping this will be a fun Christmas…a better Christmas.


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