of Les Mizery and grace

Dear Sir,

They’ve released five song clips from the upcoming Les Miserables. The film looks really promising, might even earn some Oscar nods. Personally, I’m excited to see Hugh, Anne, and Eddie Redmayne’s performances. Hugh’s eyes are really getting me, I can almost feel his pain. He’s the character, not the actor. I don’t see Hugh Jackman, just Jean Valjean. Anne is going to be stunning, I keep underestimating her and she keeps surprising me every time (Catwoman anyone?), I was skeptical when they announced that she’s playing Fantine, I mean come on? Can she pull that off? I know she can sing but that voice is no where near Lea Salonga’s. And then they released the trailer, her haunting voice, so thin and frail, much like her frame, impressed was an understatement, she looked (and sounded) so fragile. That’s when I knew it’s going to be good.  As for the others, Russell Crowe’s voice is not Javert material, it’s not fierce enough.  But he’s Russell Crowe, so we’ll see.


I fell in love with Les Mis because Salonga was in it, and then I watched the whole thing, and I fell in love some more when I understood the story. No, it’s not about the French and their thing with revolutions. It’s about grace sir. It’s a tour de force story of a man who fell and failed but was forgiven and received far greater pardon than he deserved. He experienced mercy and grace, it changed him, extended it to another man – his enemy, and lived the rest of his life conscious that he is not worthy. But the other man, a man of the law, just and unmerciful, couldn’t accept grace when he met it.

I promised myself I’ll read the novel, but just looking at the volume makes me dizzy. The French are so full of drama.




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