Back to books…and blogging

Dear Sir,

               I’m sorry, I know I’ve been gone a while. It’s embarrassing that this’ll be my first letter for the year, 3 months after 2013 started. Much has happened, much has also not happened. Don’t worry, I’ll gradually fill you in.

                  But first I want you to know that I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading. Which means I’ve been trying to read the Great Book everyday, although I fail most days. I’ve also been to bookstores lately just to fill my already dusty bookshelf. We’re bibliophile,  you know how we can get:

tumblr_mbhq4vzlAQ1rdxp35o1_400Note to self:

                Ok, so I met the great Jay Gatsby tonight. I don’t know much about him yet except that he likes throwing parties and he’s sort of important. I like Nick though, he provides great insight to the goings of his society without saying much in particular. Case in point: “…and I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy,” the irony of it, I’m having a De Lovely montage in my head. It’s a very sad, empty society (well, most societies are). But with all those glamour, cigar, and music of the Jazz Age, there’s also the empty laughter and mindless chit-chat, and people obsessing over the lives of other people. I’m only on the 3rd chapter, that’s just 60-plus pages. I can only imagine what I’ll find out from the “Great” guy next door. Scandal most likely.

Anyway, I went to my school last Saturday. It’s been a year since I last visited, and I tell you so MUCH has changed. I got lost on the way to the library, and then, to my horror, library wasn’t there anymore! Turns out they transferred it to the new building that looks like Starbucks. I think Henry Sy is now in the business of donating big fat cash to universities, and putting escalators in school buildings which is sorta out of place in my opinion. Reminds me a lot of his malls. Maybe it’s his form of imprint.

After my initial ire (because it was unfamiliar, and a sober reminder that I’m old ‘coz this was not the same university I graduated from just a few years ago; and because I have no sense of direction whatsoever, good thing I still look like a student, back pack and all, I didn’t look out of place) I finally reached the library. And I absolutely love it sir! First, because it’s so open and huge and chic. Tables and coaches all over.


Second (and this is why I fell in love), is because of the glass wall facing Manila Bay to the view I grew up to, my favorite view ever: sunset boulevard

Maybe now I’ll have a reason to do this everyday. If only the guards would let me in even after five.




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