Mockingjay: crazy ending

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Dear Sir,

I just finished reading Mockingjay, the final installment in Suzanne Collins’ three-part Hunger Games. It’s a crazy read sir. I started this morning at breakfast, couldn’t put it down until  11:30 this evening. Was vying for Katniss and Gale to end up together but I knew it was a long shot. So here I am, a heap of emotional wreck whenever I invest on characters with endings contrary to what I hoped for. The thing that frustrates me the most is that Collins knows how to set up her characters. You know how it will end, and yet she keeps you hoping….

Anyway this was written like a movie sir. Plot driven, fast paced, scene after scene, action after action, the intensity never wavered. That’s why I couldn’t put it down.


Yet it left me, I dunno, a bit sad. Like I don’t want to visit the pages again. It’s a rather unwelcome feeling. I don’t usually feel this when I finish a novel. I think it just didn’t end up the way I wanted it to. It was greety and angry sir, brutal and…dystopian, almost holocaust. It throws you the emotion, forces you to react, but doesn’t give you time to reflect. Violence was all over, justice, yes, but it was survival at the core. Something, I’m not familiar with. Besides, with my reflexes, the odds wouldn’t be in my favor anyway.

I hope my next read wouldn’t be as downcast. Now I realize am not a huge fan of un-happy endings.




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