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of Les Mizery and grace

Dear Sir, They’ve released five song clips from the upcoming Les Miserables. The film looks really promising, might even earn some Oscar nods. Personally, I’m excited to see Hugh, Anne, and Eddie Redmayne’s performances. Hugh’s eyes are really getting me, I can almost feel his pain. He’s the character, not the actor. I don’t see […]


“Imagine, nanggaling na sa ibang bansa itong mga waves na to.” -Bord, Saud Beach Pagudpud Gabu by Carlos Angeles The battering restlessness of the sea Insists a tidal fury upon the beach At Gabu and its pure consistency Havoc the wasteland far – hard within its reach Brutal the daylong bashing of its heart Against […]

On life (and death) during the rush hour train

Dear Sir, This was written 11 months ago, I believe it was the last week of October before the Undas-season (Filipino version of Halloween). Makes me squirm a bit but I’ll share it anyway:           As I braved the Friday night rush hour, coupled that this coming weekend is a holiday, […]

One thing I learned in studying literature

Dear Sir,           Did you know I rarely laughed back in college? That’s because I was mostly alone then. It sounds emo, but yeah, it was sad. Third year I shifted courses and majored in Literature without my parents knowing. That was probably the first best decision I’ve done in my […]