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On Spielberg’s Lincoln

I had to put this down because it’s the only thought swirling in my head when mama sent me out to buy kang-kong for dinner. I watched Lincoln this afternoon sir, the Steven Spielberg 2012 biopic of the American president. It received a handful of film awards and gave Daniel Day Lewis his third Oscar best-actor statue. Funny, […]

Sana Dati: When men choose (not) to follow their heart

               You know you like a film when you’ve watched it four times in a week. Granted, you have the time and privilege to watch for free, but you just don’t monitor every screening time and sneak out of your post to catch it. Well I did, because it’s that good! […]

My first Cinemalaya: Will definitely make this an annual thing

Dear Sir, So I volunteered for this year’s Cinemalaya. Why I didn’t participate (or watch even) for the past 8 years when I’ve been living across CCP for almost a quarter of a century is just beyond me. Anyway, I’m here now, writing this while on duty. It’s day four of the Festival, largest gathering […]

of Les Mizery and grace

Dear Sir, They’ve released five song clips from the upcoming Les Miserables. The film looks really promising, might even earn some Oscar nods. Personally, I’m excited to see Hugh, Anne, and Eddie Redmayne’s performances. Hugh’s eyes are really getting me, I can almost feel his pain. He’s the character, not the actor. I don’t see […]

Breaking Dawn part 2: marriage thoughts (not a review)

Dear Sir, The last of the Twilight Saga films finally came out. I can now move on with my life. It was a good finale, sort of. 80% was crap, but they spiced it up a little in the end to make a ‘better version’, it didn’t work though, but it did catch my attention, […]

Spontaneous Vacation…part 3

Saud Beach photo by romantic places              We reached Saud Beach in Pagudpud late in the afternoon. Made use of the time to enjoy the sea and sunset. Standing there quite literally at the edge of the Philippines, giant windmills a blur at the distance, the majestic waves, the wind on my […]

my Disney princess syndrome

Dear Sir, I’m having a Princess syndrome. It’s been following me for days. It started when my cousin in Dubai posted this: Just watched scene of Sleeping Beauty (yes, I know, Disney girl), and this line came at the end: “So arm yourself with this enchanted Shield of Virtue, and this mighty Sword of Truth, […]

Spontaneous Vacataion…part 2

Day 6 – Oct 31, Wednesday             Our day started at 1:30am. Bord was invited to Tuguegarao by a church friend the day before. I wasn’t supposed to come, but with a little talk and a few tears I decided to tag along, besides Pagudpud and Laoag were at the itinerary, you don’t say no […]

From Up On Poppy Hill: a review (sort of)

* Dear Sir, They did it again! I watched From Up On poppy Hill last night sir. It’s the latest animated film by Studio Ghibli, co-written by Hayao Miyazaki and his son Goro. The film is about about Umi, a high school student who lives on top of Poppy Hill in a Japanese sea side […]

One thing I learned in studying literature

Dear Sir,           Did you know I rarely laughed back in college? That’s because I was mostly alone then. It sounds emo, but yeah, it was sad. Third year I shifted courses and majored in Literature without my parents knowing. That was probably the first best decision I’ve done in my […]