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Scans and diagnosis part II: thoughts on doctors, nurses, and the whole shebang

Doctors are masters of half-truths. They don’t tell you the whole thing. Their sentences are always careful and calculated. The silence is awkward and deafening when they’re reading your radiology report. I try to judge their honesty and trustworthiness based on their word usage, tone of speech, and the way they treat their nurses. I am most worried for the things they don’t say.

The drama of an INFP Healer

A few weeks back some friends were making fun of my tennis posts on Facebook. It was the day Rafael Nadal won his 2nd US Open trophy and 13th grand slam title. No, I don’t play tennis (nor any other sport), but I love the game, and I love Rafa more. My brain knew it […]

Widow’s mite and the world’s market place

   “A sad fact which nevertheless needs to be faced is that a deeply committed Christian who wants to write stories or paint pictures or compose music to the glory of God simply may not have been given the talent, the gift, which a non-Christian, or even an atheist have in abundance. God is no […]

my Disney princess syndrome

Dear Sir, I’m having a Princess syndrome. It’s been following me for days. It started when my cousin in Dubai posted this: Just watched scene of Sleeping Beauty (yes, I know, Disney girl), and this line came at the end: “So arm yourself with this enchanted Shield of Virtue, and this mighty Sword of Truth, […]

on maturity and self gratification

Dear Sir, I’m currently following 3 T.V. series every week: Downton Abbey, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Walking Dead. 5 if you would include Suits which I’m currently watching, and Once Upon A Time which I’m planning to watch after Suits. I’m also planning to finish Ally McBeal, it’s just 5 seasons (I think), and if […]