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Love, Dad: Pres. Reagan’s letter to his son on the subject of love and marriage

Some men feel their masculinity can only be proven if they play out in their own life all the locker-room stories, smugly confident that what a wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her. The truth is, somehow, way down inside, without her ever finding lipstick on the collar or catching a man in the flimsy excuse of where he was till three A.M., a wife does know, and with that knowing, some of the magic of this relationship disappears.


a letter to my person

I miss you. Or as the French say it, you are missing from me. You have been the most constant person in my life, I don’t remember a part of it where you are not present. You’re always there, sharing the clothes, bedroom, mattress. The person I can have spontaneous conversations with anytime, anywhere. The […]

Sana Dati: When men choose (not) to follow their heart

               You know you like a film when you’ve watched it four times in a week. Granted, you have the time and privilege to watch for free, but you just don’t monitor every screening time and sneak out of your post to catch it. Well I did, because it’s that good! […]

About forgiveness, they were wrong

Dear Sir, I don’t like forgiving people sir, especially if I love them, they’re a permanent part of my life, and yet they hurt me again and again and again, and I have to forgive them again and again and again. It’s difficult sir, not to mention painful. But I guess that’s the essence of […]

Breaking Dawn part 2: marriage thoughts (not a review)

Dear Sir, The last of the Twilight Saga films finally came out. I can now move on with my life. It was a good finale, sort of. 80% was crap, but they spiced it up a little in the end to make a ‘better version’, it didn’t work though, but it did catch my attention, […]