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TAIWAN 2017 Day 1: Hotels, trains, rain, zoo, IKEA, and Imelda’s shoes

We’ve travelled outside the country many times before, but for this trip, it’s just the two of us. Sister and I booked seat-sale tickets to Taipei last March 2017. Come late April, the Taiwanese government announced they are granting visa free access to Philippine passport holders. They will implement it by June, same month of […]

a letter to my person

I miss you. Or as the French say it, you are missing from me. You have been the most constant person in my life, I don’t remember a part of it where you are not present. You’re always there, sharing the clothes, bedroom, mattress. The person I can have spontaneous conversations with anytime, anywhere. The […]

Why I Left My Comfort Zone For The Desert

My pink and white suitcase sits quietly in a corner under the stairs, a looming reminder of the things to come. I’m leaving next week. If all go as planned, I’ll probably build a life there, not permanently, but it all depends on His Majesty. What’s for sure is I’ll be away for months. I […]

Spontaneous Vacation…part 3

Saud Beach photo by romantic places              We reached Saud Beach in Pagudpud late in the afternoon. Made use of the time to enjoy the sea and sunset. Standing there quite literally at the edge of the Philippines, giant windmills a blur at the distance, the majestic waves, the wind on my […]

Spontaneous Vacataion…part 2

Day 6 – Oct 31, Wednesday             Our day started at 1:30am. Bord was invited to Tuguegarao by a church friend the day before. I wasn’t supposed to come, but with a little talk and a few tears I decided to tag along, besides Pagudpud and Laoag were at the itinerary, you don’t say no […]

Spontaneous Vacation…part 1

Dear Sir,             Sorry, I know you haven’t heard from me. I was away sir, went on spontaneous vacation. Spontaneous because more than half of it was unplanned, yet it turned out to be one of the best ever, probably the best I’ve had as an adult, by far. It rivals my Cast Away experience […]